2023 Spring Update

Welcome to the eighth season of the farm. I hope everyone has had a nice winter and spring. I’m sure a good few of you have noticed the lack of earlier Spring updates. Well, that’s because for the most part it’s just been operations as usual here on the farm, and I find it rather tedious to just keep repeating the same old thing over and over again. That said, it certainly is time that I let everyone know the opening date – Friday, June 16th – this season.

To provide the abridged version of goings-on:
– Seeds have been started in the greenhouses since early March.
– Nice weather in March allowed me to get an earlier than usual start on field work.
– April bad weather stopped most of the outdoor work.
– Availability and logistical issues with chickens (both layer and broiler) have been an ongoing problem

As far as the chickens go, I do have the Laying Hens who are already producing eggs. If you would like to purchase some before the farm stand opens, please text or call 518-728-9344 to arrange a time to come by.

Given the continuing frosts, fragile plants will not be going in the ground until after Memorial Day weekend, while others have or are already being planted. As is usual, even after I open the stand, in the beginning most items will be brought in from other farms, both Local and beyond.

That’s it for now. When I have more news, or in the immediate lead up to opening, I’ll be sure to get you all another update. Hope everyone has a great week.