Farm Update 01-19-17

The winter is moving along quickly, and so are the plans for the upcoming season.  Quite a bit of time has already been spent on the crop plans for this year, along with all of the other parts of getting ready for the spring.

For those who are interested, the 2017 Crop List is now up on the site.  I tried my best to accommodate special requests (a special thanks to those who responded), though I was not able to add everything for which people asked.  While they are not mentioned on the list, I will also be growing some flowers for cutting.  Not all of the varieties are fixed yet, as I am leaving some of the decisions up to the nursery (see below) supplying the pre-started plants, but I can say that there will be definitely be several varieties of sunflowers.

On that same topic of the coming season, I don’t think I’ll be able to add chickens for eggs this year, despite my trying to work it in to the mix.  Planning for that will, however, continue as having them is something I would very much like to add to the farm.

I will be adding some new equipment to the lineup, which will go a long way to extending the season and speeding up harvesting.  The new pieces should also make field maintenance more efficient and quite a bit easier.

In an effort to maximize what I’m able to do, I will also be dealing with a local greenhouse nursery, Kerns Nursery (link redirects to their site) in Jewett for those of you wondering, so I’ll be able to get significantly more, and a wider variety of plants in the ground earlier and for a longer time than I was able to do with facilities just here at the farm.

If there are any questions for me, please feel free to send them along.