Farm Update 04-21-20

Hi everyone. I hope you all have had a generally nice winter and that you are all currently healthy. I’d like to start this season’s updates by thanking those who have gotten in contact with me to check up and make sure I’m doing okay. I sincerely appreciate your concern.

In regards to the farm, the work, as usual, continued through the winter, albeit at a much slower pace. I was able to get a couple of days off this year, which was quite nice. At this point work has been ramping up into the normal springtime craziness, with a little added difficulty due to business closures, reduced hours, and the lack of availability of certain items. That being said, I have most everything I need to at least get into full swing for the season.

Now, there will be some changes for this season, and I am not talking about just in relation to the current health issues. The one that will be most impactful will be a change in the farm stand operating hours. I have not yet finalized the schedule, and I am doing my best to figure out changes that will be the least disruptive. The pending schedule will likely be included in the next update that should come out in a couple of weeks. The schedule will also depend on what the feds, state, county, and local officials dictate.

There will also be changes to the crop lineup, which will be posted to the site on the 2020 Crops page. The biggest change is that I will not be doing bunched field flowers this year, however I will still be planting Gladiolus and Sunflowers. And for those who will invariably ask, yes, I will be planting Sweet Corn.

Other changes will be the addition of one new greenhouse and the conversion of two older ones (and maybe two new ones) to field use as hot house tunnels for attempted early crops of Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini, and String Beans. I say attempted, because there are no guarantees when growing things here on the mountaintop.

Chickens are due on April 27th. Once they get settled in it will hopefully only be a couple of weeks before they start laying regularly. Given the number of people who have contacted me about them, I will start egg sales as soon as I can. I have not started any kind of list, nor do I intend to, so please hold off asking to be added to one. If this changes it will be noted in a subsequent update prior to being implemented.

I’m also looking at bringing in some other grocery type items to compliment the offerings at the stand. Not the easiest thing to do, given that I’m a tiny, seasonal operation, but I’m working on it. I would appreciate feedback on this, not so much for specific items, but more if it would be of any interest at all.

So all that leads me to some questions, for which I really do need feedback. Given the current virus concerns, I am considering shortening the general open schedule for the stand even further and having one day be for pick ups only. This would be for pre-ordered “CSA-style” boxes of mixed veg, with the ability to add other grocery items, eggs, maple syrup, honey, and preserves to the order. I need to know if there is enough interest in this for me to take the time to set it up, since I would have to create a virtual storefront in order to make it work. And along the same line, since I can currently get produce from the wholesale markets, would there be enough interest for me to start a once a week online order for pick up right now. If you would, please email me at with what you think of these ideas, and/or if you have any other general suggestions or comments.

Aside from all that there are the usual goings on about the farm. My annual visiting Canada Geese (Bonnie and Clyde) have returned again this year. I also have a more recent, semi-regular visiting hen turkey, who I named Henrietta. She is quite interested in the farm, and takes every opportunity to peek into and conduct thorough inspections of all the buildings that are opened up during the day. Other animals have been fewer and farther between, with the coyotes only making rare, unwelcome visits.

I suppose that’s about it for this update. Looking forward to getting your feedback and eventually seeing all of you sometime soon. Take care.