Farm Update 05-16-19

Hi folks. I wish I could say that the weather has been behaving and that everything is on schedule. I can’t.

For those of you who do not live in the area, it snowed this past Sunday (Mother’s Day), with temps hovering around 35-38F and then rain for days on end. I still have not been able to get back into the field to prep it for plants. As a result of the weather (not just this most recent storm but a colder, wetter spring in general), there will be delays in a number of crops.

I’m really glad I have the greenhouses.

On the positive events side, the chickens have already begun laying eggs. As usual, it’s a few tiny little eggs a day to start, but I expect that the number per day will build quickly. Also, this season’s jams are all pretty much done and include:

Orange Marmalade

Now to answer the big question – The farm stand will be opening for the season on Saturday, May 25th, and be open Saturdays and Sundays for at least the first few weeks. However, due to the Memorial Day holiday, the stand will also be open on Monday the 27th. I’m sorry if this is a bit confusing. Here’s the breakdown:

Memorial Day Weekend Hours
Sat 5/25 — 10 – 6
Sun 5/26 — 10 – 4
Mon 5/27 — 10 – 6

Spring Schedule (starting Sat 6/1 and until further notice)
Sat — 10 – 6
Sun — 10 – 4

That’s about it for this update. I’ll be back with another update as soon as I have some more information to share.