Farm Update 05-28-21

Hi everybody. I suppose it’s time to give all of you an idea of what was going on here, along with the stand hours and opening day. So let’s get the important stuff out of the way quickly.

The current plan is to open the farm stand for the 2021 season on Friday, June 11th. I’ve also decided to keep the farm stand hours the same as they were last year, and they will be as follows for the entire summer:

Fri – 10 – 6
Sat – 10 – 6
Sun – 10 – 4

Now, for those of you who just can’t wait to get something, the chickens have been doing their best and are currently laying a good number of eggs per day, with sizes already going up to Jumbo. If you’d like to get some, please get in touch ahead of time and schedule your pickup.

As far as operations go, it has been quite hectic here. The primary greenhouse is full, and the secondary one is starting to fill up too. There have been some issues getting seeds, plant starts, and even seed potatoes, and while I will be doing my best, there may be times when things are unavailable. Field planting will begin with hardier veggies and potatoes this coming week. Unfortunately, again this year, due to insurance coverage restrictions, there will be no access to the field or animals.

Part of why it has been so hectic here is that I will be raising broiler chickens again, and already have some here. I will have the same Cornish X broiler chickens as last year, and also a breed called Red Royal, which is a heritage breed, slow-growth chicken that is supposed to be even more flavorful than the standard birds. The Red Royals will be ready first, and may even be available on the 1st week I’m back open, but no guarantees.

Additionally, I was made an offer by the farm where I get the layer hens and broiler chickens – they are willing to raise out Thanksgiving turkeys to my exact standards. There turkeys will be somewhere between 16 – 20 pounds, and I’ll be able to have them ready for pick up fresh, refrigerated-only starting the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Given the current and projected costs of feed, the estimated price will be $5.00/lb, though could be less if feed costs go down. Please note, that ordering a turkey will require a cash deposit. I need to provide a firm number of birds to the farm within just a few weeks, so if you have any interest please let me know as soon as possible.

I’m sure there is a whole bunch more information I’m forgetting to include right now, but like I said, it’s been quite chaotic here this spring. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Hope everyone has a great holiday.