Farm Update 05-30-17

So the date for opening up the farm stand is fast approaching, and there is still quite a bit to do.  Of course, the weather isn’t really helping, but there’s not a whole lot I can do about that except deal with it and keep working.

This week, Monday actually, I took delivery of 108 flats of plants.  For those of you who do your own gardening, you’ll understand just what that means.  For those who don’t, each flat has 48 plants in it, that have to go in the ground in short order – all of them done by hand.  And that was just this week’s order of plants.  Still, if the weather holds out I should be able to get them in pretty quickly.

The current round of flats also contained the pre-start flowers.  Since I don’t really know the various types flowers very well, I decided to let Kerns Nursery decide what types grow best up here on the mountaintop, and these are the ones I got:

Achillee Rose











These flowers are in addition to the:


and Gladiolus

(both from Harris Seeds) that were already started.  Not having much experience with flowers, I am hoping they will turn out well.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The largest parts of the delivery were the pumpkins.  In order to provide a wide range of types, and have a nice quantity of pumpkins, I cleared an almost 1 acre patch in the lower field just for them.  I have varieties from the tiny Jack-B-Little all the way to Dill’s Atlantic Giant.  It will, I hope, be a pumpkin patch worthy of the name.

As far as other crops go, most are doing okay.  Nothing is doing exceptionally well, mainly due to the poor weather, but the Snap Peas seem to be fairing the worst.  The initial planting produced less than a third of the expected number of plants and has already been partially re-seeded, but there will be limited quantities available until mid-July.  Such is the world of farming.

Aside from all of that, progress is being made.  The tentative opening date of June 16th still stands, but please be aware that there will only be limited selection at the start.