Farm Update 05-31-19

Hi everyone. I want to thank all those who came to the farm stand this past weekend. I sincerely appreciate your support.

I hope all of you are doing well, despite the day after day of gray, overcast nastiness we’ve endured this past week.

Work on the farm is moving right along, in spite of the weather. Though, with the forecast for the beginning of next week, I’ve decided to hold off on planting anything really fragile in the field. Current forecasts call for lows in the low 40’s, and that could easily drop here in the valley down into frost temps. Have I mentioned that I’m really happy I have greenhouses.

As you can see from the What’s Available page, I’ve gone ahead and started adding a little more selection to what you’ll be able to find at the stand. I’m planning to try adding even more stuff as time progresses, so keep an eye out.

Again this week, there were no Local Strawberries to be had. All of the farmers I’ve spoken to about this are saying the weather is just too cool and cloudy, and any that have been able to get some to ripen have far too few to wholesale them off. Hopefully that will change soon. I did find some very nice Peaches for this week, and while they are coming from down south, they looked too good to pass up.

The chickens are almost in full swing now, with just a few holdouts. Egg sizes are increasing, though the majority of eggs are still in the Medium size range. That should increase to Large and Extra Large size in relatively short order.

Before I finish this week’s update, I want to mention a bit of news. On Monday I was made aware that a mountain lion was spotted a little ways up Scribner Hollow Rd, on the opposite side and not far from Beecher Rd. As far as I know, this is the first sighting of one in this valley. If you go in the woods please be aware it is around, and exercise a little extra caution. Helpful tip – NEVER turn your back to and run from a predator, as this invites an instinctive attack response.

That’s it for this update. Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you at the farm.