Farm Update 05-31-20

Hi all. I realize that updates are far more sporadic this year than years past. That’s partly due to extra work, as it relates to problems caused by lockdowns, and also due to the fact that much of what I’m doing is stuff that I’ve written about before and I don’t like continually repeating myself. That said, I will do my best to get some more frequent updates out, so that you all know what’s going on here.

To start, I will be adding a link to the website later today to order items for pick-up. On the order page you will find certain, specific items that can be pre-ordered, such as the CSA-style veg box, eggs, preserves, and a eventually a few other items. Please understand, that online ordering is a bit of an experiment and there may be some hiccups. Also, regarding the veg box, there may be some substitutions given produce availability, though I will do my best to keep it consistent.

A limited number of Veg Boxes, and some other items will be available for order and pick-up THIS WEEK (on Friday 6/5), even though the stand will not yet be open.

The way online ordering will work is as follows. Orders can be placed though a marketplace page linked to the website. The orders can be placed between Saturday 8am and Wednesday 10pm, when that week’s ordering will be closed. Orders must be prepaid, along with a selecting one of the designated pick-up times. The orders will be prepared and be ready for pick-up on that Friday at the farm stand area. So I’m perfectly clear about this:

Order Saturday thru Wednesday -> Pick-up Friday (at pre-selected time)

Unfortunately, you will not, as of now, be able to order for pick-up on any other days, as I am unable to coordinate all of the logistics to make that work. Additionally, if for some reason you are unable to make it for your selected pick-up time, you should contact me as soon as possible to reschedule and so I can get your order back into cool storage.

As is done in the farm stand the same rules apply – if you want to buy all of what’s available, then feel free to do so. There are no restrictions on how many of each item you may purchase, so long as they are listed as “in stock”. I will work diligently to increase supply to meet the demand. Please contact me with questions/comments about the online ordering.

Beyond that, work on the farm continues. The weather is once again keeping me on my toes, and from what I can see from the long-range forecast will continue to do so for some time. Despite it, planting and other prep work is ongoing. As usual, even opening late, I will have only a limited selection of my own produce.

Of special note to those who have asked in the past, I will be raising, slaughtering, processing, and selling meat chickens this year. Their abode is almost complete, and I will likely be taking the first delivery of birds some time in the next couple of weeks. At this time, the plan is to raise at least 3 batches of chickens over the summer and into the fall. These chickens, a Rock Cornish hybrid known as Cornish X, will be raised on a “conventional” natural grain feed, unlike the laying chickens. This decision was made based on the astronomical price of organic feed for meat birds. And yes, they require a different type of feed than the layers. I will be providing more information (availability, ordering, pricing, etc.) about the meat chickens in the somewhat near future.

There will be some changes to the farm stand layout this year. It’s a work in progress, so I don’t have any specifics to share at this time. There will also be some changes in the way things are handled within the stand itself (subject to fed, state, and insurance company mandates/requirements). Please understand that these operational changes are not my choice, and include:

  • Limits on total number of people in the stand
  • Limiting number of people per group to one or two during busier times
  • Restricting the entry of children into the stand area
  • Requesting that produce and goods only be handled if being purchased
  • Pets must be kept out of the stand area this season
  • No recycling/re-use of packaging materials (egg cartons/jam jars)
  • Reusable bag users will have to pack their own purchases


  • All visitors are to remain within the stand, parking area, or on the grassy hillside behind the stand
  • Entry to the field, buildings (except the farm stand), animal, and storage areas is prohibited

Like I said, these changes are not my choice, and will hopefully end some time in the near future.

And so you all know, I really dislike that parts of these updates are as negative sounding as they are.

On the lighter side of things, Henrietta the Turkey has been by several times in the last week. Guess she wants to make sure I’m getting my work done. And with the usual departure of Bonnie and Clyde I seem to have acquired yet another guest – Gorgeous Georgia the Canada Goose – who appears to have decided to keep me company for a while, and wanders between the field and pond most of the day. There have also been several visits by the “new” 300# bear, though nothing to get too excited about.

That’s about it for now. Hope all of you are well. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. Take care.