Farm Update 06-11-20

Hi everyone. So the time has finally arrived. The stand reopens this week on Friday with the following schedule:

Fri — 10 – 6
Sat — 10 – 6
Sun — 10 – 4

As was mentioned in previous updates, this will likely be the schedule for the entire summer.

Work on the farm continues. There’s not too much ready at this point, as it’s still early in the growing season up here, and the weather has once again been less than cooperative. Please check the What’s Available for current offerings. On the topic of what will be available, I recently spoke to Rick, who owns and operates Maplecrest Valley Apiary, and found out that he lost all but one of his hives over the winter. Sadly, this means I won’t have Local Honey until some time in July at the earliest.

The new coop building for the Meat Chickens is just about done. There was a hold up due to building material and supply delays. A big thanks to my neighbor Peter, who has come by to help me get it built and operational.

The laying chickens are doing their thing and egg production is nearing “normal”, with egg sizes still running a little on the smaller side. Unfortunately, as was mentioned in previous updates, due to the large increases in costs of both feed and cartons, the price of eggs will be going up.

Otherwise, around the farm is pretty much business as usual. A few days ago I went to put the chickens in for the night, just before 9pm, and stepped out of the house and almost literally into the warm embrace of the 300# bear, who was just a few feet away out of sight behind the truck. Good times.

A thank you to those who placed orders online both last and this week. Your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to getting the stand opened back up. See you all soon.