Farm Update 06-14-17

Just a quick update for now, as I have a thousand and one things going on this week.

Please note that I have officially updated and fixed the opening date for the stand as Thursday, June 22nd. I’m currently planning to run on the same schedule as last year:

Thursday – 10 – 6
Friday – 10 – 6
Saturday – 10 – 6
Sunday – 10 – 4
Monday – 10 – 6
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday- Closed

The weather, despite being nice and sunny, has caused many of the plants to go into a mild heat shock, especially coming out of the gloomy, rainy, and colder previous week. I’ve managed to keep them growing, but it’s been a challenge. Some things, like Zucchini, which were just starting to set fruit, stopped dead in their tracks. I’m hoping as it cools off here over the next few days that the plants will spring back into growth and fruiting mode.

On Saturday 6/17, the Lexington Farm Market will be open from 10 – 12, and I am hoping to have a few things there for sale. I’m keeping a close eye, and can’t quite guarantee it yet, but I’m trying. Even if I’m not able to get stuff over there this week, I would hope that anyone in the area will stop by and check it out.

I’m also still working on having produce for sale in other locations, and will provide updates as deals are finalized.

I’ll be putting up longer post, detailing the crops and their condition next week.