Farm Update 06-15-23

Hi everyone, I hope all of you are doing well. As I’m sure many of you have figured out, this is the opening weekend for the farm stand. The general schedule for this season will be the same as the last couple of years:

Fri & Sat 10 – 6
Sun 10 – 4

I’m still debating what the hours for the upcoming July 4th weekend will be, and will probably make a decision after talking to people this weekend.

Work in the field is progressing fairly well. The rains have slowed things a bit, but quite a bit is still being accomplished. The weather has been interesting to say the least. A small piece of weather info from over the winter, my weather station, which since 2015 had recorded a record wind speed gust of 55mph, recorded an increasing series of stronger and stronger wind gusts, with the eventual new record for the station being set on March 16th, with a recorded wind gust of 97.5mph. Like I said, interesting, because at the time there were no announcements from the NWS about severe winds. The silver lining is, at least it didn’t happen during the middle of the summer.

Anyway, the work continues, as does the tending of the animals. I have both Laying Chickens and Broiler Chickens right now. The Broilers will be available sometime around mid-July. The Laying Hens have been doing a great job, while also being up to their normal mischief, and are producing bigger and bigger eggs each week. There should be a good supply of all the egg sizes, except Jumbo, which are always fewer and farther between. I have switched to a new organic feed supplier for the Laying Hens and am currently very pleased with the results.

Most of the Preserve types are now made and ready, with the exception of Cranberry. It’ll likely be a couple of weeks before I get to making it. I will have some Honey on hand, and am coordinating to get Maple Syrup.

There will be a pretty good spread of items at the stand this week, including some Locally Grown veggies. As far as the complete list that I’ll have, please check the What’s Available page for specifics. Much of my own stuff will still be a few weeks away, but there are a few things ready for this week. Next week, I should be able to get Local Strawberries, and if the weather holds up there should be at least New Jersey, and maybe even Connecticut Sweet Corn for July 4th weekend.

While I’m sure I am forgetting to mention things, as my brain is being drawn in too many directions at once with all the things I have to remember to do, I think these are all the major points I need to announce for this week. Looking forward to see you all soon. Have a great week.