Farm Update 06-17-21

Well, this past one has certainly been an interesting week. Everything from a minor Dog Tick infestation (happening all over the area this year), to the truck breaking down (no worries, I already have contingencies in effect), to the temperature dropping to 36-37F with a few visible patches of frost (6/17 at 5:45am). So… like I said, interesting.

In spite of it all, things keep rolling along here and work continues apace. There will be frozen chicken (Red Royal) available this week, but the Cornish birds are not big enough to process just yet, so no fresh birds this week.

With the temperatures as cold as they were this morning, there will be some lingering effects on certain crops. Things like Tomatoes and Lettuce may take a little longer, though thankfully, because of my schedule, there was no Basil as yet planted in the field (that level of cold would have killed it outright). We’ll just keep an eye on everything and see how it goes.

I was finally able to get connected with a new Honey operation, and should have a selection in stock shortly. I’ll also have Maple Syrup back this week too.

That’s it for this week’s update. I want to thank everyone who came by the farm stand this past week. Your support is greatly appreciated.