Farm Update 06-18-20

Hi everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. Thanks to all those who stopped by last weekend. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Work on the farm is continuing, and is even getting a little more intense in terms trying to get as much stuff into the ground now as I can. Turns out I was right to hold of on putting the more fragile plants in the ground, as the temp last Sunday morning was 34F with patchy frost.

Now on to the important part of the update – LOCAL STRAWBERRIES. Yes, I was able to get a couple of flats of berries, and they look delicious. Some of the other items I was able to get this week are from much closer, so that must mean summer, and my own stuff, is almost here.

For those who order the Veg Boxes, I am still working on additional varieties. Please be patient.

On the technical side of things, if you use the Online Order page, please understand that I do not host it, and with the massive amount of online shopping there are times the provider may be overwhelmed. So if the page doesn’t load, please try again a few minutes later.

Also, the cell service is getting worse. If you call and get voicemail, please leave a callback number. If I missed your call due to no service, then I have no way to know how to reach you.

Similarly, if you either call or text and I do not respond to you within a couple of hours, please contact me again, because I likely never got your call/text.

And lastly in the technical department, I am unable to currently figure out how to get the website to render properly on mobile devices. I apologize for this, and will look into it further as time permits.

Back from the cyber world, thankfully the bear has been staying away, but they also seem to work on a 10-14 day circuit, so I’m not out of the woods yet. And for some happy news, it looks like Bonnie and Clyde have increased the size of their gang, with an as yet uncounted number of fluffy little gangsters. Congrats to them.

Beside that, there isn’t much different going on. Please check the What’s Available page for current offerings. Take care out there.