Farm Update 06-19-17

Well, this is the week.

Farm Stand Hours
Thurs – 10 – 6
Fri – 10 – 6
Sat – 10 – 6
Sun – 10 – 4
Mon – 10 – 6
Tues – Closed
Wed – Closed

The farm stand opens on Thursday. Hopefully I won’t be washed away before then by this coming storm. On a serious note about this storm though, the forecasts are calling for the possibility of hail, and that would cause some serious damage and problems.

Anyway, things are moving along quickly. Those of you who may have passed by the farm in the last couple of days probably have seen the new wind screen I put up for the stand. After the problems last year I figured I better try something a little sturdier. Not sure how well it will work, but in my opinion, something is better than nothing.

I’m still in the middle of getting plantings in the ground, though it is finally starting to taper off a bit. There is still more lettuce, beans, carrots, and whatnot to plant, but most should be done by the end of the week.

The pick-ups from Kerns Nursery are finally getting smaller and more manageable, though I will still be getting additional items for the next few weeks.  They have been a wonderful resource, and without them, I wouldn’t have been able to do anywhere near as much this year. I hope when any of you are over in Jewett Center that you’ll take a minute to stop in and check out their operation.

I hope some of you got to stop in to the Lexington Farm Market this past Saturday. I sent over lettuce and kale for this past one, and expect to have quite a bit more for the one on July 1st.

While the selection at the stand will be fairly limited at the very beginning, it will fill out rather quickly over the next few weeks. As was the same case last year, please check the What’s Available page to see what I currently offer for sale at the stand. And as a note, some items will be a bit later than planned due to the odd weather this spring. The hot-cold-hot-cold and very wet conditions have cause many plants to simply keel over from the stress, or in the case of direct seeded crops, to simply not germinate. I’ll write a little more about this, and what crops have been most adversely affected over the next few weeks.

So that’s about it. I hope to see you at some point this week.