Farm Update 06-20-18

Just a quick update this week, as I am busy getting everything ready for starting the regular season schedule. For those who missed it, this week begins regular hours.

Thurs: 10 – 6
Fri: 10 – 6
Sat: 10 – 6
Sun: 10 – 4
Mon: 10 – 6
Tues & Wed: Closed

I don’t want to say it’s quiet and good conditions, cause I would be dooming myself, so I won’t say that that is more or less what’s going on. There is loads of work to do, as is the case almost all the time, but it’s getting done. I’m still not quite caught up with the backlogged work, but it’s coming along as well.

Additional crops are going in the ground on a daily basis. The lettuce is coming along quite well. The one issue I’ve run into is a huge family of crows/ravens that decided to pick out all of the 1st sweet corn planting. This is common behavior for them and is not unexpected. Additional corn is being sown now, but, for sweet corn lovers (myself included), it means a delay.

As is the case around the farm, it’s the same in the coop this week. Nothing outrageous, nor unexpected has happened. The ladies didn’t like the heat on Sunday and Monday, and were rather vocal about it, somehow thinking I had the ability to change it, but they made it through.

The chickens are now laying about 80% large-sized eggs, so there should be a good supply of them.

There will be a little more being picked this week. Please check the What’s Available page for the latest info.

Hope to see you all at the farm soon. Have a great week.