Farm Update 06-25-20

Hi all. Not a whole lot to give updates on for this week, so this will be short and sweet.

Planting was the main project this past week, with lots going in the ground. The colder weather has taken its toll though, so things will be running a bit late, just like last year. The chickens are laying slightly larger eggs by the day, so the number of dozens of large eggs should be getting better soon.

Fresh Strawberries will again be available, and I was able to get more of them for this week. I also was able to find some Cantaloupe, which I’m told are quite tasty. The Peaches will be from South Carolina, and unfortunately I was unable to get Blueberries, so the Strawberries will have to do. You can see all the rest of what I could get on the What’s Available page.

Like I said, not much other news. Saw the Bonnie and Clyde gang one more time on Monday, but it looks like they may have pulled a job and then gone into hiding as I haven’t seen them since. And thankfully, the bears have stayed away.

So thanks to everyone who came by the farm last week. Your support is truly appreciated. Hope to see lots of you this week.