Farm Update 06-26-19

Hi everybody. Can you believe how fast time is flying by this year, that it’s almost July 4th weekend. Sometimes I wonder if it’s not all some sort of Groundhog Day situation. Then I think back to the winter, and… yup, time is just chugging by.

Anyway, things on the farm are coming along. Things are still running about 3 weeks behind in a number of areas, but I don’t think it’s the kind of thing most people will notice, and I’ve worked hard to keep the plants growing even though they are going in the ground late.

There is, of course, a reason for this and it is without the doubt the rather poor weather conditions. Due to the rain/mud, coupled with the late start due to the frozen ground persisting well into the spring there has been some rearranging of plantings, a few losses (timing and conditions), and eliminations of some plantings (insufficient time for plants to grow). So far, the early potatoes have taken the worst hit, with losses of about 75% of what was planted.

Still, work continues and more and more will be available over the next few weeks. Besides that, the chickens seem rather happy, albeit somewhat demanding of treats. Egg production has hit full swing, and egg sizes are now in the “normal” range.

Also, please note that the stand schedule has now gone to the 5-day hours, which are the same as they’ve been the last few years:

Thurs – Sat — 10 – 6
Sun — 10 – 4
Mon — 10 – 6
Tues & Wed — Closed

Can’t think of anything else, though I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Hope to see you all at the stand soon. Have a great week.

Oh, I just remembered. I was unable to get Local Strawberries at the wholesale market, due to the rains preventing harvest. However, I am still trying to arrange to pick some up on Friday, so there is a slight possibility that the stand may open a few minutes late on Friday morning. Thanks for your understanding.