Farm Update 06-27-24

It’s nice to make it into yet another summer season, though I would prefer a little more consistency to the weather. It does seem to be calming a bit, and we most certainly did not get the intensity of the storm last night that we could have gotten. Anyway, we’re a week closer to the July 4th holiday, and I’m doing my best to have more of my own crops and other goods ready for it.

In the field, the crops have slowed a little bit, presumably due to the weather, so while I will have some Lettuce this week, it looks like the Zucchini and Cucumbers will not be big enough to begin harvesting just yet. The String Beans, while having a lot of buds, have also been slow to set and develop beans. In the better news column, test digs of Potatoes were very promising, and barring a major disturbance should be just another couple of weeks until “new” Potatoes can be harvested.

Additionally, while Local Strawberries are no longer available to me, I was able to get the good Canadian Strawberries that we’ve enjoyed over the years. And in a bit of a surprise, I was able to get some Local Bing Cherries. Not sure how long they will be available, but I’ll get them while I can. There will be melons this weekend too, including the little Seedless Watermelon and a similar to Cantaloupe type of melon called a Tuscan Melon. Regular Cantaloupe is still unavailable as the broker told me that what was available to them was all garbage looking. For the people who buy Avocado, the prices have started to spike already (this is usually peak harvest season with lower prices), and the market news is not promising on it coming down. I will do my best finding decently priced ones, but they are already almost to the wholesale price point where I will not longer purchase them.

Looking forward to next week for a moment, there should be Corn from Connecticut available. And there was one other prediction made by one of the brokers regarding availability of a highly sought after crop. I don’t want to jinx it, so what I’ll say is, the fruit broker told me there would be an item from Pennsylvania that starts with PEA and ends with CHES available for next week. Mind you, this is not a guarantee, though they were fairly certain about the issue. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the coops, the Laying Hens are acting like the slowly growing crops. They are laying, but the egg size is still not coming up to the sizes I would have expected by now. I’ll ask extra politely for them to step up and produce bigger eggs.

The Broiler Chickens (aka Tubbies) are getting a good bit bigger, and as of the schedule right now, I should have Fresh Broiler Chicken available next week. This week there are still some Frozen Broiler Chickens available for purchase.

Beyond all that, operations on the farm continue as usual, with all the usual ups and downs. The only other announcement, which is for the schedule next week – the farm stand will be open for the holiday on Thursday, July 4th from 10 – 6.

That’s all for this week. As usual, I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of stuff to pass along. A big Thank You to everyone who was able to come by last week and help support the farm. Have a great week.