Farm Update 06-29-23

Welcome to the official start of the summer season. Please note that this week, due to the July 4th holiday, the farm stand will be open extra days, with the full schedule for this week being:

Fri (6/30) 10 – 6
Sat (7/01) 10 – 6
Sun (7/02) 10 – 4
Mon (7/03) 10 – 4
Tue (7/04) 10 – 4

In terms of general information, the weather has now become an impediment, with the extended overcast conditions contributing to much slower plant growth. That said, things are still growing, and there are crops that will be producing shortly. The Zucchini and Cucumber are now flowering and should start setting fruit in a week or so. Kale is now big enough to harvest, though there will be limited amounts to start. The Snap Peas and String Beans have not yet begun to blossom, so it’ll be at least a couple of weeks for those.

As for items brought in, there are a few more local crops that became available this week. Local Strawberries will be available, though I was only able to get a few flats. Sweet Corn, currently from New Jersey, will also be available but in limited supply, and I may be able to get Connecticut Sweet Corn at some point over the weekend. Just as a heads up, the Sweet Corn is quite expensive this year, as is most of the fruit. Local Raspberries should be available shortly. For those waiting on news of the Pennsylvania Peaches, they will be available in the not too distant future, though no specific date was yet given.

The Laying Hens are doing well, and are producing at full speed. The average egg sizes are also still increasing, so there should be more XL and Jumbo, though still not huge amounts per week. The Broiler Chickens are getting big in a hurry, but it will still be a couple more weeks before they will be ready.

One last item, which is more of a request. Due to the higher credit card and other electronic payment fees, I am asking, if at all possible, to please pay with cash. With the prices of most items near or already at all-time highs, I do not want to have to increase prices just to cover the increased additional fees incurred by electronic payments. I will, of course, still accept electronic payments.

That’s it for now. I hope you all have a great week and a fantastic July 4th.