Farm Update 06-30-21

It certainly has been an interesting couple of weeks we’ve had, not even including all the things that happen here on the farm. I’ll spare all of you the gory details of events that are not directly relevant other than to say they happened, were dealt with, and then I continued on like usual to the next job.

The heat and then storm activity has slowed some of the field work. More crops are being planted each week and most of the crops are doing well. I generally don’t mind doing field work when it’s raining, but working in the field with lightning is another story. I’m going to hold off on giving too many ETAs, but those I’m willing to guesstimate will show up on the What’s Available page under the Available Soon section.

The chickens did not like the heat at all, and made their displeasure known by greatly slowing egg production and also laying smaller sized eggs. I should still have a good amount of eggs for over the weekend. Also, I am due to process a number of Broiler Chickens on Thursday, so hopefully that will come close meeting demand. The chickens will all likely be on the larger side, partly due to last week’s power outage. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.

Good news for Honey lovers. I was finally able to connect with Mickle Hollow Maple & Honey, the apiary operation in Schoharie (interestingly not too far from where I get my chickens), and will now have a supply of Local Honey. I will have not only Spring and Autumn honey, but also Buckwheat Honey, for those seeking a change from the ordinary. There will be one and two pound sizes on hand, but for those who make Mead, or other things, I can also get Honey in 2 gallon pails by advance order.

Those of you who have already looked over the What’s Available list have, I’m sure, noticed that I am bringing in more types of fruit (Local when I can). This week, I was able to not only get nice looking Local Strawberries, but also Local Raspberries and Local Rainier Cherries. Be sure to check out the full listing for the weekend.

Even though this is July 4th weekend, the farm stand will still only be open on the Friday through Sunday schedule. Also, given the forecast, please understand that while I will be open in all but the worst weather, I would ask everyone to please hold off coming to the stand when there are active thunderstorms with lighting passing through. You can always text to check on conditions here.

That’s going to be it for this week’s update. Thanks so much for helping support the farm. Hope you all have a great week, and Happy 4th of July.