Farm Update 06-30-22

I guess we are officially at the start of summer. Things here on the farm are pretty much in full swing as we head into the holiday weekend. As a reminder, because July 4th falls on a Monday, the farm stand will be open an extra day this week.

Special Hours
Monday, July 4th 10 – 4

The chickens are producing eggs at full speed, so there should be a good supply for anyone looking, though they are currently laying fewer XL and Jumbo. The Broiler Chickens are truly to the point of being “Tubby Little Buggers”, and should be large enough for slaughter in another 2 weeks.

The crops in the field are generally doing well. The temps here did dip back down to just about 40F during the week, so this will unfortunately continue to slow growth progress, but all in all, and knock on wood, things are growing apace.

An unsurprising development this past week was the settling in of a woodchuck, which happens pretty much every year. However, this one is so bold it decided that field grown food is just not good enough – oh no, no. So, it decided its best course of action was to walk into the greenhouse, climb onto the plant benches, and eat between 250 and 300 Lettuce plants. That will, sadly, have an impact further down the line, but I am trying to get some things rearranged so you all won’t notice. Enough about all that though, so let’s move onto happier things.

For the holiday I was able to secure 3 flats of Local Strawberries, which I was told would be the last for this season. I was also able to get some Local Raspberries. I’m told these should be available for several weeks, but with all things subject to Mother Nature, get them while you can. There will also be small-sized Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Black Plums, Apricots, and some Sweet Corn for the weekend. For the complete listing, please check the What’s Available page.

Thanks very much to everyone who made it to the farm last week. Your support is greatly appreciated. Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the holiday.