Farm Update 07-03-24

My apologies for the late update this week given that the stand will be open on July 4th, but there was a serious issue here that required my immediate attention, and it threw my entire schedule for the day into chaos. In other words, pretty much a “normal” day of dealing with whatever happens. Let’s move on to the actual update.

The big news this week is the early arrival of the Pennsylvania PEACHES. This is the first picking for this season, so they are a little firm, and not quite as sweet as they will be in a week or two, but they are good. Sweet Corn from Connecticut will also be available.

Due to the July 4th holiday this week, I have decided to fill out the farm stand with a near full selection of goods. There will be Melons (both Watermelon and Cantaloupe), Plums, Apricot, Green Seedless Grapes, Local Cherries, Strawberries, and more. On the veggie side of things, there will be Local Snap Peas, String Beans, and from the farm there will be Lettuce, Herbs, Zucchini, and Pickling Cucumbers. Please check the What’s Available page for the complete listing.

In the coops, the Laying Hens are still not producing a very good number of larger eggs. I have been trying to isolate the cause, given that before the stand opened for the season they were producing many more larger-sized eggs than now. Anyway, I’ll keep working on it.

The first round of Broiler Chickens have been processed and will be available Fresh over the weekend, and Frozen thereafter. Due to a change in operations, there will be fewer times that Fresh Chicken will be available this season, even though it will be the same number of chickens overall, so keep an eye out for news about them in the updates and get them while you can.

Before finishing the update, since I still have work to attend to, I want to mention the change in policy at the farm stand. As those of you who have been to the stand already know, there is now a discount for paying in cash, meaning there is an effective service charge of 3.5% for using any electronic payment method (card, Apple, or Gpay) I normally accept through my processing service. Please note – All the prices listed at the farm stand are the Discounted Cash Price. If you require additional clarification, please ask.

That’s it for now. I’m sure there is news I’m forgetting, but I have to get back to work. Hope you all have a great week and a fun holiday.