Farm Update 07-04-17

Happy Independence Day. I hope all of you are getting to enjoy the holiday, and have had a great time so far over the long weekend. It was very nice meeting so many new people this week. Thanks to all who were able to come by the farm this week. And as a reminder, the farm stand will be OPEN special hours today, Tuesday 7/4, from 10 – 6.

I would also like to thank those who went to the Lexington Farm Market on Saturday, and made it such a success.

Here on the farm, things are moving along now that the weather is being a bit more cooperative. Though as I write this, the outside temp is all of 46F. While an above 50F overnight temp would be better, at least the temperature swing from yesterday was not too bad, and the plants should have no problem with it.

This week should see some new crops added to the stand. I’ve already been cutting the smaller cauliflower, and as of this morning should also be harvesting some Zucchini. Sunday saw the first picking of Snap Peas, which were immediately grabbed up by the first customer of the day. Unfortunately, Snap Peas will be somewhat limited for the next week or so, until the plants come a little further along. Losing first plantings of so many things really set the timetable back on the crops that I had already hoped to have available for sale.

I really appreciate all of you who have been purchasing the preserves. In a bit of an odd twist, Blueberry seems to be the current favorite, significantly outselling Strawberry, and just edging out Raspberry. I hope the jams made here on the farm meet and exceed your expectations.

Now that we are into summer, more crops should be readying for harvest. Please be sure to check the What’s Available page for the most recent info regarding the various crops. For those of you who subscribe to the newsletter, the crop report is almost finished and will hopefully be sent out this week.