Farm Update 07-06-18

This is going to be another short, quick update this week, because aside from the usual work I have to do most things seem to be moving along well.

I know I said last week that I was caught up with back work. Well, it tuns out I forgot about a couple of things and so at this point I’d estimate I still have about a week’s worth of additional work to make up. That said, the remaining extra work can be slotted in over the next couple of weeks without, I think, too much fuss.

It’s coming to the point where quite a few crops are just about to start coming in. I decided to take a peek at the records from last year to see how far off I was in regards to timing. Turns out, some things are coming in earlier this year than last, while a couple of others (I’m looking at you Cauliflower) are slower. I think the drastic change in weather, especially the warmth, has people thinking that we are much farther along into the summer than we actually are.

Anyway, for this weekend it looks like there should be some String Beans, could be Cilantro, and might be a few Mini Cabbage, in addition to the other stuff I’ve already been harvesting. Please check the What’s Available page for the latest.

The ladies all appear healthy and generally content. They REALLY don’t like the heat and let me know about it whenever I’m near the coop (unless I have treats, then all seems forgiven). All of the named “little chickens” that I make sure get extra food are also doing well. Hand feedings of those chickens have now been cut back to twice per day.

For those who have followed the chickens from the beginning, Spunky is doing well enough now, and has gotten big enough to actually stand up to some of the other chickens that used to continually torment her. She still has issues with some of the other aggressive hens, but is otherwise doing very well.

The eggs have settled down into mostly Large size, though the chickens do still lay a spread of sizes, so others will be available too.

Jam seems to be a hot item this year, and sales of all the varieties are doing quite well. In addition to the Strawberry-Rhubarb being currently sold-out, the limited run Cherry and Mango-Raspberry are also down the last couple of jars. I’m not sure if, or when I might be making more of either.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you all at the farm soon. Have a great week.