Farm Update 07-07-22

Hope everyone enjoyed the Fourth of July celebrations. There certainly were a lot of fireworks going off around here. The bigger fireworks caused a bit of a ruckus with the Broiler Chickens, but otherwise things went smoothly.

There’s not much new happening on the farm itself, either since the weekend, or in the next few days. Dealing with the weeds in the field is a bit challenging right now, as they’re growing super-fast from the rain and warmth. And in the usual way of things, while I was finally able to eliminate the woodchuck that caused so much damage, another one appeared this morning. Seems I’m not to be without a nemesis or two.

On the happier news side of things, while at the wholesale market, I was told that Pennsylvania Peaches should be available next week. Also, as a bit of a bonus, the farm that grows the local berries was able to harvest a few flats of Strawberries from the fields, and they held one for me, so I will have one last round of Local Strawberries this weekend. The Sweet Corn I could get this week is from Connecticut, with the expectation that local should be next week.

The Laying Chickens are doing a great job, and are generally keeping up with demand. They’re also very happy to be enjoying bushels of Kale. I will be processing Broiler Chickens starting next week, so those looking for Fresh Chicken will have to hang on just a little longer.

I suppose that’s about it for now. Hope you all have a great week.