Farm Update 07-11-24

A bit of a brief update this week, as there isn’t a whole lot different going on than there was last week. The one main thing was the heat and sun intensity, which had put a minor hold on some of the work I needed to do, but will otherwise complete soon enough.

In the field, the crops are growing at a decent pace. There will be some new additions this week, including Slicing Cucumber, Beets, and if I can get some dug (the rain is causing delays), some Potatoes. There was also a bit of a boneheaded move on my part, and I accidentally tilled in most of a row of Cilantro – so yeah, that happened, and my apologies to the Cilantro lovers out there. While there is some left, it’s not much, and it will be at least a couple of weeks before the next round is big enough for harvest.

In the coops, the chickens have been a bit miserable due to the weather. The Laying Hens have toughed it out though, and are still producing at near normal levels. I’m still working on changes to their feed ratios to have them lay larger-sized eggs, but it is not a fast process. Egg sales have been higher than expected this season, with the eggs selling out on multiple days.

The Tubbies (aka Broiler Chickens) are also doing well, but that’s because they are the beneficiaries of air conditioning, which I provided to help mitigate the worst of the stress they would otherwise suffer from the heat and humidity. The schedule for the processing of the next round of Broiler Chickens has changed, and Fresh Chickens will be available again on the 19th, not the 26th, while Frozen Chickens are available now.

There will potentially be some Field Flower bunches available again this week. The Gladiola are also growing well, but have yet to send up any flower stems. It should be any time now that they do, and cut stems will not be far behind.

So, that’s it for this week’s update. Thank you to everyone who was able to come by last week. Your support of the farm is greatly appreciated. Hope you all have a great week.