Farm Update 07-13-17

My apologies for the late and brief update, but I have been, and will be a little extra busy through this weekend.

Things are rolling along here on the farm. More and more crops are finally coming into season, so the selection at the stand is filling out. Please be sure to check out the What’s Available page on a regular basis, as it will be changing a little more frequently over the next couple of weeks.

It looks like the Zucchini have finally cooperated and are now producing a decent, though not yet substantial number of squash. Similarly, the Cucumbers are also finally starting to fill out, so there should now be at least some Pickling Cucumbers on a regular basis. The Eggplant have set and are slowly filling out. And lastly, the first planting Tomatoes are turning from green to yellowish, prior to ripening. If all goes well with them, then it should be somewhere around a week or so to full ripe (hopefully).

So if that was the “good” news, there was some “bad” news also. The beets are not doing well. I’m unsure of the problem, and will continue on with them, but I have no idea when, or even if, they will produce. Similarly, the sweet corn is giving me no end of problems this season. I know for sure that some of that was bad seed, and that resulted in the loss of an entire planting. I suppose I should just say there have been some fairly interesting challenges this year, especially with the weather, and it will lead to spotty availability on a number of crops.

As a reminder, the Lexington Farm Market is open again this Saturday 7/15 from 10 – 12. If you can, please swing by and check out all the great stuff the vendors have to offer.

I would like to thank all of you who came by the farm over the last few weeks. It’s been great seeing people from last year, and a pleasure to meet all the new visitors. Thanks for supporting the farm.