Farm Update 07-18-19

While I find it’s amazing how quickly the weeks are ticking by, the routine on the farm continues. As I’ve been explaining to people about running three weeks behind schedule, there comes a point where tasks are simply scratched from the list of things to do, as they would no longer be required, desired, or needed.

So, as a result of the weather-induced late start, a number of plantings have been removed from the schedule. While I will continue to put as much into the ground as I can, I do know there are some things that simply won’t be ready in time, or, in some cases, plants that have been in the greenhouses too long.

With that said, I should still have enough either already in the ground or still going in to cover most demand, with any additional being filled in with stuff I get from other farms through the wholesale market. The exception will likely be Cut Flowers, which are still going to be in short supply due to the overwhelming demand this year. I’m still pushing the plants along as quickly as I can, and will cut as many bunches as I can per day.

For this week, I was able to get some more excellent fruit from the market, with Local Blueberries being the new addition. I was also able to find more of the fully ripe, large-sized Peaches that people seemed to like so much. As I’ve been mentioning to people at the stand, the fruit has been quite good this year, with the berries being the real star of the show. Please be sure to check the What’s Available page, to see the complete list of what I’m currently picking, as well as all the goodies I was able to get at the wholesale market.

Lastly, egg demand has remained quite high. The ladies are laying at full speed now, with most of the eggs weighing in at large size. There are certainly fewer XL and Jumbo this year, as compared to last, though I’m not exactly sure why. I suppose the swings in temp could be affecting it somewhat. And, if the current forecast holds for over the weekend, I do expect the predicted high temps of around 90F for Friday and Saturday to slow the chickens down for a couple of days. Production should come right back when the temps drop back down. And to anticipate the question – yes, egg production slows with radical swings in temperature.

So, I suppose that’s about it for this week. My thanks to all those who came by and supported the farm last week. Have a great week.