Farm Update 07-19-17

There were quite a few new faces at the stand this past week – something I am quite happy about. There was also a little bit more crop availability, though less than what I’d hoped for, much less what should be ready based on when it was actually planted. Still, work on the farm rolls along.

The intermittent rain hasn’t given me a break yet, and as much as I appreciate not having to water the crops, at this point it’s causing increasing difficulties. The latest issue is one I fully expected, which is powdery mold forming on the leaves of certain crops (squash and pumpkins). Treatments had begun even before I saw signs of it, but it’s just been so wet for so long that without using stronger chemicals – something I won’t do – there was bound to be a bit of an outbreak.

The continued rain is also causing a bit of an issue with the lettuce. Though in that case, I should have more than enough planted to deal with the problems.

It looks like there may well be some potatoes at the stand starting this week. The latest test digs finally turned up some larger spuds, so I’ll see about getting some pulled out of the ground. As a note, I had ordered a potato digger tractor attachment back in March, to make the whole process of digging them faster and easier, only to just find out that the company building it has inexplicably further delayed construction and that I would likely not even take delivery of it until some time late in August or even September. The order for the attachment was cancelled upon learning this, which means I will more than likely have to dig potatoes by hand, a time consuming process, again this year.

Anyway, the work will get done, even if it means longer days. I’m just hoping the tomatoes behave and start ripening soon, as they should have two weeks ago.

So I guess that’s about all the news for this past week. Please be sure to check the What’s Available page for the most recent updates on what I am currently picking. I’d like to thank all those who came by the farm. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. I’d also like to thank those of you who were able to visit the Lexington Farm Market this past Saturday. And lastly, I’d like to say thanks to Gillian, whose Chinese food/Bok Choi joke still has me laughing.