Farm Update 07-21-22

Been sitting here trying to think of what’s new or different on the farm this week, and I can’t really think of anything special. Mostly what I’m doing right now is battling weeds on a daily basis, and there is also a fourth woodchuck that has shown up. Besides that, I am also trying to get some things organized and changed due to the prolonged warmer temps this week, especially for the Broiler Chickens (they have a very hard time dealing with excessive heat).

This generally being a better growing season than the past few years, most of the crops are doing well. Even the tomato plants, which are smaller than usual due to springtime cooler weather, are starting to set some fruit. Some news for the flower lovers – Gladiolus flower stalks have begun to appear. I’m not sure if any will be ready this weekend, but they will be soon enough.

The Laying Hens have responded to the alteration in feed and are now laying a bit more XL and Jumbo sized eggs. With luck, this trend will continue and there will be an even larger amount of the bigger eggs each week. The expected warmer temps this week may mean slower overall egg production for a few days.

I have decided to try something a little different with the processing of some of the Broiler Chickens this week. Though it requires extra processing, supplies, and paperwork, I have gone ahead and processed some into halves. The halves will be available fresh through Saturday.

That’s all for this week’s update. I need to get out into the field before the heat of the day sets in. A big thanks to everyone who has been able to come by and help support the farm. Hope you all have a great week.