Farm Update 07-22-21

So… rain, rain, and yup, a little more rain. That pretty much sums up what it’s been like for those who haven’t been in the area lately, and I’ll give a little more information about what it’s doing below. In general, suffice it to say that more rain like we’ve had would be extremely bad.

As usual, planting continues, work is being done when and where I can, and operations in general are all directed at keeping the farm going. The Laying Chickens are all doing fine and producing great numbers of eggs. The next round of Broiler Chickens are getting bigger, though as I thought, are not quite big enough to start processing this week. I do still have frozen Chicken available in sizes from upper-4 to near 7 pounds.

I wanted to mention again that I am taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys. Please get in touch if you would like additional details.

Now, back to the situation with the rain. While I’m sure most people understand that wet, muddy conditions prevent me from getting the tractor in the field for additional planting, it also means I am unable to weed, spray foliar fertilizer and anti-fungals, and most importantly, spray insecticide to control that massive numbers of bugs that wetter conditions allow. All of the rain we’ve been having has now gotten to the point where it is having very serious impacts, pretty much across the board. And this is happening not just here, but on farms throughout the area.

The more specific issue that will concern most people coming to the stand is item availability. There are some crops that will just be in short supply now, and potentially going forward for the rest of the season. Please keep an eye on the What’s Available page to see these changes.

I know there is more that I wanted to include with this update, but this is all I can think of at the moment. My thanks to all those who have been coming by to help support the farm. Hope everyone has a great week.