Farm Update 07-25-19

What a difference a week makes. Just look at the temps this morning versus last week’s. It’s enough to make your head spin, and certainly enough to have an effect on the plants. The chickens are thoroughly grateful for the major drop in temps and as I thought would happen, egg production during the week dipped quite a bit, but is starting to recover.

The work around the farm, as always, continues unabated despite the weather. I mean it’s gotta get done, right? Anyway, the changes certainly keep life interesting and add a certain extra challenge. For those curious, I have begun cutting the backlog of work from the spring, as there is no way for me to make up any of the extra time at this point. What this means is eliminating certain plantings, and scaling back on others. There’s been a lot of field maintenance type work that’s been on hold that will now be the main priority.

As I said above, the chickens are much happier with the cooler temps and egg production is coming back to normal. I let them out of the pen yesterday, since I was working right nearby, and the had a great time scratching around in the tall grass and weeds in search of bugs, worms, and other treats. Sadly I can’t let them out more often, but there are just too many predators about.

Time for me to get back out to work. Be sure to check the What’s Available page to see what goodies you can find. My thanks to all who came by the stand and helped support the farm. Hope everyone has a great week.