Farm Update 07-26-18

PLEASE NOTE: The farm stand will be CLOSED all day on Saturday July 28th, so I may attend my sister’s wedding. The stand will re-open at 10am on Sunday the 29th. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hi everybody. Welcome to Waterworld, starring me as some dude with gills, which would pretty much come in handy right now. Semi-seriously, whoever is doing the rain dance, please stop. It’s too much.

As one would expect with as much rain as we’ve had over the last week field work has slowed to a crawl, substantial damage has been done, and the weed growth has hit Ludicrous Speed (that’s right, they’ve gone plaid). Despite all the rain, life goes on and Texon is there, because Buckwheat would have wanted it that way (SNL reference for those who are confused). Yeah, yeah, I’ve obviously gone partially mad from having to deal with the rain and bad weather, but I have yet to fly over the cuckoo’s nest. The real question is what will the weather be like The Day After Tomorrow? Oh, that’s right we bad, we bad. I guess you could say at this point that my references to movies have hit a Silver Streak.

Back to serious, there really has been quite bit of damage from the rains. Plant losses so far are into the hundreds, along with broken limbs on the peach trees in the orchard.

The greenhouse I built early on in the Spring have come in quite handy, as far as being able to keep smaller plants waiting to go into the ground out of the worst of the weather. I’ve also started some of the plants that I’ll be trying to grow in there for later into the Fall. My plan is to use the greenhouses to extend the season for certain crops (Lettuce, Tomatoes, maybe Zukes and Cukes). Still trying to work out some details, but you get the idea.

As stated above, plant losses from the rain are growing. It’s been far too wet for too long. Due to the rains, most activity has switched to caretaker mode, since it is just too mushy to use the tractor, and it becomes too easy to damage the plants when doing some other things. Even pulling weeds becomes dangerous to the plants, because when you yank the weed out many times a large clump of dirt comes with it, sometimes containing the plant you’re trying to help.

Despite the problems from the rain, some other crops are starting to come in. Please check the What’s Available page for current pickings.

It’s been wet and gray for so long the chickens have mostly stopped complaining about it. They’re holding up well, but would obviously be happier without a mud pit for a pen. Though the conditions caused one humorous result. Due to walking in the mud, when the chickens come back into the coop it appears they are all wearing leg warmers. I did a quick double take when a bunch of them were lined up on the roost the other afternoon, looking like they were warming up to start (flash)dancing or something.

Aside from the weather, they’re all doing well.

Please make note of the closure on Saturday. Thanks for all the well wishes.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you all at the farm soon. Have a great week.