Farm Update 08-01-19

Can you believe it’s August already? As the saying goes, the tide waits for no man, and in this case neither do the days passing by. The work on the farm is continuing as usual, and the backlog from the springtime is being trimmed down and should be fully eliminated by next week.

Since the rain a couple of weeks ago followed by the heat, the weeds have all turned into mini Jack and the Beanstalk monsters. Despite plastic mulch being used selectively around the field, the weeds are still taking over far more than usual. The funny part of dealing with the weeds is that they know I’ve planted something. I’ve tried experiments where I will set up a row, provide fertilizer and irrigation and virtually no weeds appear in the row for weeks and weeks. If I do the same thing, but plant a crop, the weeds grow immediately. Ah well, what are ya gonna do.

The chickens are generally doing well. They are adapting as best they can to the wild swings in temp, and egg production is holding steady at levels just off peak production. If it stays a little cooler I’d expect it to fully rebound in a couple more days.

This season has been pretty difficult for growing, and in addition, quite a few things are running late. Talking to other farmers, they are experiencing the same things, with most all crops running at least a little behind schedule. Please be sure to check out the What’s Available page to see this week’s offerings.

Hope everyone has a great week. See you at the farm stand.