Farm Update 08-06-20

Hi everyone. Hope you’re all having a great week so far, despite the storm, which raced through the area the other day. With over three inches of rain coming down, it could have been much worse here on the farm, but thankfully the ground soaked up a very good amount before it began to pond.

The crops that are growing are generally growing well. There are a few issues here and there, and the weeds are… well, they are weeds. Let’s just leave it at that. For those interested, Lettuce will be some time before it’s ready, and I do think I saw a few small, red Tomatoes the other day. I’m still going to try digging Russet Potatoes for this weekend, though it will depend on whether the ground dries enough to effectively do it. It also appeared that there may be a few small Eggplant and Green Peppers this week, though I did not include them in the What’s Available list, because I’m not sure how many will actually be ready for harvest.

The Chickens are still laying at full pace. And the issue with the smaller eggs does appear to be a feed-based one, which I will now have to work around. It’s not really a big deal to do, it’s just more of a pain in the ass.

The plan is to process the next round of Meat Chickens today. Demand for the unfrozen ones last week all but cleaned them out. I should have more available this week than last, and hopefully with a bit more variety in terms of size.

Rick at Maplecrest Valley Apiary replied to my inquiry the other day that honey is not ready yet, and did not have an estimate as to when it might be available. Additionally, sales of certain types of preserves have been way beyond my estimates, with some like the small Raspberry already sold out, and others running quite low. Given the demand, I will be making more, it’s just quite difficult to work it into my schedule given the time requirements.

I guess that’s it for this week’s update. Thanks for all of your support for the farm, and your words of encouragement and appreciation. Have a great week.