Farm Update 08-08-19

Almost forgot to do the update this week, and was getting ready to go back out to work, so this will be a quite short update. For the most part things are still chugging along, and the usual routine being, well, the usual routine. There are some issues as well, mainly due to weather and fungal problems, but those are almost commonplace the last few years.

At the wholesale market this week I was able to find some really nice looking Local Sweet Corn, the first Local Tomatoes, some Local Blueberries, and for those who don’t mind things coming from a little further away, sweet-smelling Cantaloupe. Please be sure to check the What’s Available page for the complete list of, not only items like those, but also what I have ready.

Aside from those specific items, the chickens are doing well, the wild beasties are generally behaving themselves, the rain has not been overwhelming, the plants are growing, and I’m still standing. Hope everyone has a great week, and thanks again for supporting the farm.