Farm Update 08-17-23

As seems to be the case this year, the time is absolutely flying by, and we are now halfway through August. This means I will soon be shifting into more of a fall mode, and moving my attention to the later season crops. Additionally, the weather continues to misbehave, and the rains, while already having caused some issues, are starting to seriously impact a number of additional crops.

In the field, it is now confirmed that my Sweet Corn did not grow properly (so there will be none this year). That is the worst of the weather-related issues, so far, but is not the only one, and in the end may not even be the worst. Fungal outbreaks have started in a number of areas, so I am doing what I can to keep them in check.

Please check the What’s Available list to see what I’ll have this weekend. I will still be picking Snap Peas this week, but there won’t be as many, and I think that’ll be it for that planting. There is another round growing, but it will be some time before it produces. String Beans will be picked and are generally doing well, but are slowing down. Zucchini has taken a beating from the rain and fungal issues, so my own will be limited. I picked up some from a local operation to help fill in for the weekend. Herbs in and out of the greenhouses are still not growing properly, but I should have some Cilantro in addition to the Basil this week.

Pennsylvania Peaches are still available this week, but will be ending any time now. Local Blueberries are between pickings, so I got some wild Canadian Blueberries for this weekend. They have really nice flavor. While I will still have the Honeycrisp, Paula Red, and Zestar Apples again, there were no new varieties this week.

For the flower lovers, Gladiola are still blooming wonderfully. There will also be Field Flower bunches available as I get time to make them, which usually means later in the afternoon.

In the coops, the Laying Hens have finally started laying more XL-sized eggs. I think the feed mix they are getting now is about the best I’ll be able to do. They are still producing very few Jumbos.

The new batch of Broiler Chickens are growing at an incredible rate. Not only does this mean they will likely have to be moved to their primary house sooner, but also, if they keep growing at this speed, that I will be able to start processing them a week or so earlier than expected.

That’s it for now. Thanks to everyone who has come by to help support and keep the farm going and growing. Hope you all have a great week.