Farm Update 08-21-19

The summer is just flying by, and it certainly doesn’t seem to want to slow down at all. I hope everyone has been having a good and restful time. When I head to the wholesale market I can see there are lots of people on the move, not to mention that the stand is busier than ever. Thanks to all of you who’ve come by, as I truly appreciate the support of the farm and the encouragement I get.

Around the farm work continues more or less unabated. The thunderstorms put a slight damper on field work, as does the regular rain, but I have plenty of other things to do to keep me busy. The last of the planned seeds have been started this week (Lettuce and Cilantro), though I may still wind up doing more for growing in the greenhouses.

What’s in the field is generally, with the exceptions of Tomatoes, Zucchini, and Potatoes, growing pretty well. I am expecting shortages of Lettuce over the next couple of weeks (I’ve picked some up from another farm to help cover the expected shortfall), and hopefully the next plantings will come along without delay.

The chickens are still doing their thing. I’ve been sure to let them into the outer enclosed area on the hotter days. They really like sitting in the shade of the trees, and I guess I would too, if I had the time.

The Gladiolus are coming in quite well right now. If you like them, don’t wait to get them. They’ll probably only be around for a few more weeks. Little sunflowers have also started blooming, though I have no idea if the replanted larger ones will grow in time. I guess we’ll find out together.

Can’t think of anything else to include at the current time, though I’m sure I’m forgetting loads. Hope everyone has a great week.