Farm Update 08-24-17

It finally looks like there might be a stretch of nicer weather. This would be a welcome change. Of course, it’s coming too late, but there’s not much that can be done about that.

Things on the farm are moving along. The last plantings should go in the ground this week. Yes, they are running a bit late, as they should have been put in last week, but there was just too much else to deal with when it came to weather-related issues.

On that topic, the battle against weather-related problems was one that I was, and still am losing day by day. Plants are still succumbing to fungal problems, and with the last rainfall they are still drowning, despite being in raised rows. The winds associated with the last storm also almost knocked over the Sunflowers. They’re doing their best Leaning Tower of Pisa impression, but at least they didn’t go over.

The second survey of pumpkins, gourds, and winter squash was not encouraging, though it is still a little early to make a final determination. At this point, I’ll just say that they may be in short supply.

I suppose I could go on and on, with weather…, bugs…, deer…, but what’s the point. Those of you who regularly read these updates already know all of this. However, there is some other info.

Both Broccoli and Cauliflower will be very limited in availability for the next week or two, as the plantings change over. There must have been a longer gap in the timing than I had realized when they were going in the ground.

Both Carrots and Eggplant are finally producing nicely. Cucumbers are also finally generating a better crop as well. Also, now that it’s supposed to be dry for a few days, I should be able to dig a whole bunch of potatoes. If I can, I’ll be putting together some of the 20# bags of the Russets, though that might not be until next week. There should be 5# bags of Russet, Red and Yukon Gold available regularly. I will also be digging the Kennebec White Potatoes this week. They are a variety that is similar to the Red Potato, but with a brown skin instead of red.

For those looking for a little something to do, the Lexington Farm Market is happening this Saturday from 10 – 12.

I suppose that’s it for now. Thanks to everyone who came by to support the farm. Be sure to check the What’s Available page for the current listings of what I’m picking.