Farm Update 08-25-22

September is approaching quickly, and there are still some crops that are just taking their sweet time to produce anything. In addition, the availability of certain crops at the market seems to be getting a little worse, whether it be local crops or the ones from California. Regardless, I’ll do my best to keep as full a selection as I can. On the happier side, the rain we had on Tuesday was great, though we obviously need a whole lot more over time.

In the field, the Tomatoes are coming along, with Grape Tomatoes now starting to ripen in greater numbers. I’ve also been able to get some more Tomatoes harvested out of the greenhouse, though fewer than hoped. The Cucumbers, which suffered fairly severe damage to more than 90 percent of the plants, from something that blew in on the wind, are only now starting to re-grow and set new fruit flowers in greater numbers. The next planting of Lettuce is also now showing signs of better growth, but will still be at least a couple of weeks before it’s big enough to pick.

There is an additional variety of Local Apples this week. Gala Apples will be at the stand, along with Honeycrisp and Zestar. I was also told the Local Blueberries should be continuing, so long as the weather cooperates, for at least a few more weeks.

The chickens are generally doing well, with the Laying Hens are being their usual selves, by continuously demanding treats whenever I walk past the pen. Though this last week has been a little rough for the little Broiler Chickens, with a number of them suffering injury and health issues. Right now, it looks like it will be about 2 more weeks before the chickens will be big enough to process. As we move into fall, I figure I should probably ask if there is any interest in Broiler Chickens for over the winter. I’d need to get orders for at least 70 chickens for me to get one more batch. These late season Broilers would be ready some time around mid-November. If you’re interested, please either get in touch, or come by the stand and let me know at some point in the next couple of weeks.

That’ll be it for the update, so thanks for taking the time to check it out. Hope you all have a wonderful week.