Farm Update 08-26-21

There’s not much different from last week, so this will be an extremely short update.

The hurricane remnants dumped far too much rain, again flooding sections of the field. A single deer managed to get into the field, decimating the Snap Pea, String Bean, and Pepper plants, and then for dessert moved onto and ate all the Gladiolus flower stems that were finally about to open. The Potato Beetles, while finally under some semblance of control, finished off the last of the Russet Potatoes. I’ll be trying to dig the rows to see if there are any there after the ground dries for a few days.

For those of you wondering, these are the worst growing conditions I’ve had to deal with.

So I can end this on a positive note, I finally got a chance to make the long-promised Cherry preserves, and there will be fresh Whole Chicken this week.

Have a great day.