Farm Update 09-01-22

I don’t know if it was a fast or a slow summer, but Labor Day weekend is upon us, so there’s not much point in being too concerned about it. Anyway, it’s not like this particular weekend will result in anything different about the work that has to be done on the farm. Still, I hope all of you have been able to have a nice, and if possible, relaxing summer.

The rain we had on Tuesday went a long way toward bringing the ground conditions back, closer to where they should be in regards to soil moisture levels. Of course, the weeds absolutely loved the rain, so there’s that. Most of the crops responded well, with the exception of the Cucumbers, which suffered a second round of whatever it was that affected them in late July. The only ones that look like they will be producing for the next few weeks will be the Persian and maybe some more Japanese Cucumbers.

It looks like there should be good amounts of Peppers and Eggplant this week, and the Winter Squash are coming along, but not quite ready. I’m not sure about Pumpkins yet, but have already made arrangements if I need to supplement my own supply from other local farms. Tomatoes continue to ripen very slowly, so I’ll be taking some actions in an attempt to kick the ripening into high gear.

Fruit fans can rest easy for another week, as there are still Peaches to be had. According to the broker at the market, Peaches should be available next week too, but that may be all for the season. It was pretty much the same news about Blueberries.

Flower lovers have been flocking to the field to snap pictures amongst the blossoms. So far, the flowers seem to be holding up well, but the Gladiolus will likely be finishing this weekend.

The Broiler Chickens are getting bigger, but are still too small for this weekend. Slaughter and processing will hopefully begin next week, and there will be Fresh Chicken available for the following three to four weeks. As a follow-up reminder, if anyone has interest in getting a number of Broiler Chickens for over the winter, please talk to me as soon as possible. As of now, I have only heard from a couple of people and will be setting aside birds from the current batch to meet the orders. If there is enough interest, I will get another round of Broiler Chickens for processing some time around mid-November.

That’s most all the news that directly concerns operations at the farm, but brings me to an issue that has come front and center due to the actions of New York State politicians. The New York State government has passed a law that severely impacts gun owners and all citizens of the state, and regardless of how you may feel about guns, this law could very easily affect you as well. The next time you come to the farm you will notice a new placard, MANDATED by NY state law, that clearly states that lawfully possessed firearms are allowed on the property. Failing to display this sign, but having anyone on the property, with or without my knowledge, carrying a concealed weapon, or firearms for hunting later in the season, would result in me being charged with a FELONY crime and subject to 9 years in jail. This law is blatantly unconstitutional as it clearly violates First, Second, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendment Constitutional rights, but as of September 1st, 2022, will be enforced by police around the state. This post, and other changes to both the website and signage at the farm serve as notice that all LAWFULLY possessed firearms are permitted on the premises. I am making this statement UNDER DURESS (due to the active threat of state-enforced violence), and UNDER PROTEST (due to the clear violations of Constitutionally protected rights).

That’s it for this week. I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend, and my sincere thanks to all of you who have helped support the farm.