Farm Update 09-02-21

It’s going to be just another quick update this week. For the most part, work just keeps chugging along as we race through the last of summer and head into the fall.

I took the time to try digging some of the Russet Potato rows, just to see if there was anything there – there wasn’t. Late planting of both Red and Yukon Gold Potatoes are growing, but it will still be a few weeks before they are ready for harvest. Most of the other crops in the field are growing very slowly this year, or, like the Lettuce, are going straight to flower (like last year).

Gladiolus finally started blossoming, and I have been picking them out of the field as quick as I can so the deer don’t get them. I should have a good few for this coming weekend, along with some Sunflowers.

I’m going to try to make some more Strawberry Preserves in the smaller jars today, as I think there is only one left right now. Sales of preserves were quite a bit more brisk last week than I anticipated, as people began stocking up for the winter. Even if I don’t get to make them this week, I will be making more before the end of the season.

Also in anticipation of people buying extra to store for the winter, there will be a large number of Fresh Whole Chickens available this weekend. Please also note that I am selling Fresh Whole Turkeys for Thanksgiving this year and still have a few left for pre-order. Please ask for additional details about the Turkeys.

That’s it for this update. Hope you all have a great day, week, and remainder of summer.