Farm Update 09-07-17

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU, to all of you who have come by the farm through the summer season. Your support is very greatly appreciated. Despite the crazy weather conditions and other issues that cropped up along the way, it’s still been a good season overall.

Now, the less good news. Due to the impact of crazy weather conditions and other issues, it’s looking like the season is going to be cut short from my original estimate. This is partly due to the losses of Winter Sqaush, but mainly attributable to the near complete, and I really mean near complete loss of all the types of Pumpkins I planted. As of right now, I’m thinking that the last day for the stand being open this year will be the Monday of Columbus Day weekend, which is October 9th. I’ll make a final decision on this by next week.

So far, other fall crops look to be doing pretty well. The Broccoli and Cauliflower are coming along, as is the Cabbage. I should, and less me stress the word should, have a good amount of potatoes right through the end of the season. While the Adirondack Blue Potatoes, which were kind of an experiment this year, have finished, I do still have Russet, Red, Yukon, Kennebec White, and Fingerling Potatoes. You can see all the crops I am still picking on the What’s Available page.

On a personal note, I picked up some kind of cold bug over the past weekend, which has nearly knocked me totally out of commission for the past couple of days. I’m very slowly feeling better. Also, since I was not feeling well, I did not make any preserves over the last few days. It’s possible, at least on Thursday, that if I feel worse again, that I will close the stand for the day. If I do, I will put out a sign by the street, and also send out an additional update. If you’d like to find out for sure if I’m open, you can call or text me (texting is the better method) at 518-728-9344.

I guess that’s about all for now. And thanks again for all the support.