Farm Update 09-17-20

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying what looks like it might be the last of the warmer times. Current forecasts are showing overnight freezing temps on both Saturday and Sunday nights, with even more cold scheduled farther out. Maybe the deer are onto something.

Anyway, work on the farm is continuing. I’ve harvested what I could of the pumpkin crop, given the deer at hundreds of them. I also got some extras so there would be a nice selection for people looking for both decorating and pie pumpkins. I was able to get Strawberries again this week, and also some Peaches, though not the Pennsylvania ones (these are from New Jersey). I also have Local Blueberries, whose season will be ending shortly.

Fresh Chicken will be available again this week, with the birds running on the larger side. I haven’t weighed them out yet, but they are bigger than many of the birds from last week. I will have fresh ones available next week as well and then there will be a gap of a week or so, since I get the next round of 3 week old birds this coming Tuesday.

Preserves keep running low, and even out, despite my best efforts to keep them well stocked. I will be making even more as we go into the Fall, since as far as I can tell demand is high. I apologize if the type or size you may be looking for is sold out, but more will be made soon.

If there are any bow hunters looking for a place to take deer easily, please get in touch. I really need to have the population thinned down a good bit.

That’s about it for this update. Hope you all have a great week, and thanks again for supporting the farm.