Farm Update 09-20-18

Hi everyone. Apologies for the update coming late and it’ll be a short one, but I’ve been quite busy, even with the extra day closed. Seems right now like there are at least a million and one things to do, and every time I get a few projects done there are twice as many new ones being added to the list.

It’s also quite obviously moving into Fall as the trees up on the mountains are starting to change color. Given the current forecasts, I’m also expecting to see frost this weekend.

The new poly tunnel greenhouse is almost complete. I still have to get the equipment for it, but aside from that I just have to get the doors finished and it’s ready to start using. Based on the forecasts I’d say it’s just in time too.

Most of the other projects I’m working on are all back-of-house type things that most people won’t see, so there’s no point in going into them.

As I’ve been telling people, summer crops will be fading out and fall ones will be coming in. Or at least as many as made it through the crazy weather that started in late July.

The pumpkin crop was so poor again this year that I have once again decided to bring in pumpkins from a local farm. They will be available starting this weekend.

Winter Squash (Acorn and Butternut) will be coming available soon as well, I just have to go through and see what’s ready. And for those who don’t want to give up on summer, it looks like I may have a few more cantaloupes. Peaches are, unfortunately, done for the season. I hope you all were able to get enough of them to be happy. There were only a few apples this year, so hopefully it’ll be a better season for them next year.

The chickens have been a little off of late. They had been getting more and more agitated ahead of the hurricane remnants that passed by, but they haven’t gotten any calmer since it went by. They have been going at one another, pecking and fighting, enough so that I have had to separate some of the chickens into crates for a time as a sort of chicken jail. I’ve also had to take the time to make sure that two other chickens, who are being suddenly kept away from the feeders and waterers, are actually getting enough of each. I’m not sure what the problem is, but it is not a happy time in the coop.

Aside from that, the chickens are still laying at the same rate, so there will be a good supply of eggs.

I can’t think of anything else to add for this update, except to remember that the hours had changed, and are now:

Fri & Sat: 10 – 6
Sun: 10 – 4

That’s it for now. Hope to see you all at the farm soon. Have a great week.