Farm Update 09-20-19


It took me a minute to process that number when I saw it on Thursday morning. 30.6F on Sept 19th. Not much better this morning either, with the weather station currently showing 32.7F.

My apologies this update didn’t come out yesterday, but I got a little sidetracked. It took me a little longer than I thought it would to catalog the damage from the temps, and when I finished, I simply wasn’t in the mood to write anything.

Long story short, about 60% of the non-hardy plants were outright killed by the freeze, while the rest took major damage. Some of the sturdier plants also suffered from the cold, with even some of the cabbage plants showing damage to the leaves. Plants still in the greenhouses were fine.

Given the widespread damage done to so many things so early in the fall, I may wind up changing the last day of season, bringing it forward a couple of weeks to Columbus Day Monday. I’m not sure just yet, but will be making a final decision soon.

I still have a good bit of stuff available now, so please check the What’s Available page for the current list.

Hope everyone has a great week.