Farm Update 09-23-21

I just realized during the middle of processing chickens, that I forgot to write the update this morning. Needless to say, this will be a shorter update and that there will be Fresh Whole Chickens this weekend.

Reminder, the farm stand will be closing for the season quite soon – Sunday, October 10th. After that date you can still contact me to see if I have frozen chickens, fresh eggs (I’ll be keeping the chickens until late Nov/early Dec), or Preserves, and arrange for a time to come by and get them.

Additionally, there are still some Fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys available for pre-order, so if you’d like to order one please come by the farm stand over the next couple of weekends.

I was able to make some more of the small Raspberry Preserves this week too.

The Gladiola are still doing well, and I will be keeping them at the reduced price again this week.

Don’t forget the Pumpkins and Gourds to decorate for Halloween.

And now it’s back to work. Have a great week.