Farm Update 09-24-20

Whether we’re talking about the behavior of the deer, the brazen encroachment onto the farm and terrorizing of the animals by the coyotes, or the multi-morning 25F temps that left virtually everything frozen solid, let’s just say the last week has been interesting. And despite all that, operations on the farm continue unabated, though with a few extra safety precautions.

Given the freezing temps over the week, there will be very little for me to pick. I will still be able to harvest potatoes and kale for now, and will be checking to see if there are any onions of carrots worth harvesting shortly. Beyond that there is not much else that will be going on in the field, except for the start of fall cleanup.

Although they are a little more on edge, and paying pretty good attention to the treeline, the laying chickens are still laying good amounts of the larger sized eggs.

The newest, and last batch of the year broiler chickens arrived on Tuesday. They’re currently 3 weeks old and will need a little time to come up to size. I will be processing chickens this week and next, though there will be fewer available per week than previous weeks.

Due to the extremely high demand, well above my expectations, Preserve supplies are running very low, and in some cases are sold out for now. I am making more as I can, but my ability to do so is limited by my fixed work schedule, so expect some types will be unavailable for a week or so. I will be making more of most types so people can stock up before I close for the winter.

Can’t think of anything else to pass along at this time, so I guess that’ll do it for this update. Thanks very much for your support of the farm. Have a great week.