Farm Update 09-26-19

There’s good news, and there’s bad news (and this news isn’t related to the farm, so don’t worry). The good news is, as a result of the very early freeze we had last week, the leaves are turning, and they are beautiful colors. The bad news is, at the rate they are turning and falling off the trees, peak leaf-peeping will likely be done on the mountaintop by the end of this week.

Around the farm, things are also wrapping up very quickly. The big announcement, which some heard about last weekend, is the stand will be closing two weeks ahead of the previously planned closing date. The new last day of season for this year is going to be October 14th, which is the Monday of Columbus Day weekend.

I will be keeping the chickens for a time after closing, to stockpile eggs for myself, so there will be eggs available by advance order. You can reach me by phone or text at the number listed to the right. What preserves I have left will also be available.

There are pumpkins. Not as many as I’d like to have, especially of my own, but I have Munchkin, Pie, and Carving pumpkins available. Sadly, due to the freeze, the planned U-pick pumpkin patch will not be happening this year. Let’s hope for a better time next year.

I keep adding Local Apple varieties as they become available. This week’s new Locally Grown additions are Fuji and Fortune (a tangy-tart cooking apple). And I made sure to get more Macoun apples, just to keep everyone who likes them happy. They seem to have a very large and devoted following.

Looking ahead, I see that the long range forecast is currently calling for low temps right down around freezing for next weekend. Given the difference from the forecast temps to what they actually are on the ground here, I think it may well wind up being a hard freeze. In addition, there have been lots of wild apple and acorns this year, and the old rule of thumb is when those trees produce prolific fruit it will be a much colder and longer cold winter than usual. Time to finish stocking up on firewood.

I guess that’s it for this week, though I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of stuff I meant to mention. Hope everyone has a great week.